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Edyta Satchell

Finelle Travel Wellness
CEO / Founder
Arlington, VA
Edyta Satchell, founder and CEO of Finelle.com, is a renowned corporate executive, speaker and wellness practitioner.
She is a certified integrative nutrition health coach who has more than 20 years of global travel leadership experience working with dozens of A-listers, including CEOs of key Fortune 500 companies.
Edyta connects beauty and travel in a unique way. She helps both spa salons rejuvenate their revenue and profits by creating highly customized, easy to implement comprehensive sales programs targeting corporations, the travel industry and frequent travelers.
Edyta als helps frequent travelers to look and feel their best before, during, and after travel by connecting them to the right spa and salons.
Edyta has been featured in many prominent travel, wellness, health, and business media outlets. She has given over 40 TV interviews focused on wellness, travel, traveler wellbeing, and emotional wellness.
In her latest book Beauty and the Travel Beast, she helps travelers to overcome health and wellness challenges that occur before, during, and after travel.She is a certified integrative nutrition health coach, renowned corporate executive, speaker, and wellness practitioner.
Edyta has more than 20 years of global travel leadership experience.

Link to the website: finelle.com
Beauty And The Travel Beast book: https://esatchell.clickfunnels.com/sales-page1641495119263
Traveler wellness programs overview: https://finelle.com/spasalons/
Social media @edytasatchell and @finellefab
Contact: esatchell@satchelleglobal.com
Ph: 7039091975